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Jean Cocteau, “Les parents terribles”

April 4th, 2015 · No Comments

Les parents terribles

Jean Cocteau

Gallimard 1938

reviewed by Gary Levinson

Though in its day Les parents terribles was, even in libertine France, a bit scandalous, noone reading it today would bat a eye. This is a serious play about the serious issue of the difficulty some parents have in letting their offspring leave the nest and become fully-fledged individuals, but in which the farcical plot is almost comic.

The author’s repeated equating of order with good and wise and disorder with salacious and irrational was hard to understand. In any case it is a fun, easy, and quick (I read it in one afternoon) read, to be recommended to anyone who wants to take a break on the lighter side.

reviewed by Gary Levinson

review © copyright Levinson 2015