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Lionel Casson, Everyday Life in Ancient Rome

June 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

Lionel Casson
Everyday Life in Ancient Rome
The John Hopkins University Press
reviewed by Gary Levinson

A wonderful and wonderfully written book about the Roman empire, especially in the first two centuries of our era.  Wonderful, because it opens ones eyes to the wonder of civilization that was the Roman Empire, and wonderfully written, because it is so easy to read and so hard to put down that it turns non-fiction into a fabulous story of the past.

Thirteen chapters and one appendix, each concentrating on basically one aspect of daily life during the time from the emperor Augustus to and including the emperor Hadrian.  Also included are some interesting photos and maps.

Incredibly interesting, it reveals the Romans to be rather like the Flintstones - modern and civilized but without certain of our present day technologies – and not like the primitive people they are sometimes portrayed as in popular media.

A highly recommended read for people who want an introduction into Roman society, this book was the doorway for my own interest in the Roman (and Greek thereupon it’s based) societies. Unquestionably worth reading for those who want to explore the roots of our present day society.

reviewed by Gary Levinson
review © copyright Levinson 2012