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Ferrari FF – exterior styling & 4WD

April 4th, 2011 · No Comments

Renowned collector and enthusiast Bruce Barr speaks with Gary Levinson (with additional comments byF1 enthusiast Michael Karr.)

Gary Levinson: I was really disappointed when I saw the Ferrari FF. Upon seeing it for the first time, I thought it was a new version of the BMW Z3 coupe! It’s really uninspiring. And what’s worse it seems that the newly found emphasis on rear seat room is a direct response to the Porsche Panamera (albeit with only two doors). Can you believe it? Ferrari responding defensively to Porsche? I can not think of any previous example. Was there any relationship between the Porsche 928 and any Ferrari model? None that I can conceive. Ferrari would do better with a true successor to the 612 (itself from the 456, the 412, the 400, and the 365 and 330 GTs), not a ’sport-wagon’. What do you think?

Michael Karr: I think Ferrari is shooting itself in its foot; with cars like that its exclusivity will diminish. Did Pininfarina, design the body? I can not believe it!

Bruce Barr: I have to admit that I hadn’t even heard of the FF. (I’m a little out of the loop [at the moment].) However, I just googled it, and while I can definitely understand and relate to your comments about the design, I actually think that Ferraris are a step above Porsche (at least in terms of price). While Porsche makes a fantastic car, and while they have some very expensive models, I don’t think Ferrari even makes a car that’s less than $100,000. Do they?

In addition, I don’t think they are responding to Porsche, I believe they are trying to “beat them to the punch”. I heard a rumor that Porsche was considering introducing a 2-door version of the Panamera. If this is true, Ferrari beat them to this market.

GL: Additionally, I think the 4WD is a bad choice, made only to keep up with the German competition.  Where will the famous Ferrari steering feel be left?  Surely by the curbside!  Even BMW, the Teutonic masters of steering feel, can not get their BMW 535ix to have the same BMW-typical steering feel as the rear wheel drive 535i.  It seems that Ferrari, in broadening the range of their products, is diminishing the very reasons that people paid good money for Ferraris in the first place.  Exclusivity and Ferrari typical qualities are just being thrown overboard in search of larger market share.

MK: It seems Ferrari is racing (not so much racing in F1 these days) for a car for philistines – Enzo is turning over.